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Thailand (Academic Year) | *Rainbow Scholarship

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Jan 28th 2013

Royal Cremation

Jan 28th 2013

Trip to krabi

Jan 26th 2013

Christmas in Bangkok

Dec 27th 2012

President Obama

Dec 27th 2012

H.M. the Kings Birthday

Dec 27th 2012

Buddhism of Thailand

Dec 27th 2012

Mon village

Dec 27th 2012

Grandeur of Ayutthaya

Nov 10th 2012

Royal Barge Ceremony

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*Rainbow Scholarship

Hi, my name is Abraham Martin. I am a junior, History Education major at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. I identify as part of the LGTB community and was involved in on-campus events. I am also an advocate for the Disability community in Wisconsin. I currently work with the UW-Platteville campus disability group and the Wisconsin Youth Leadership Forum (YLF), a newly created non-profit organization modeled after California’s YLF. I currently serve as an active board member, treasurer and secretary; while also serving as counselor/facilitator/mentor for the students.

I have interests such as self-directed learning, language study, playing piano, and most importantly my work for disability awareness. I intend to study abroad in a non-traditional destination, Thailand. I am the only UW-Platteville student to pursue study abroad in Thailand. I intend to study and volunteer abroad with the same degree of passion as I have here in Wisconsin.


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