*Rainbow Scholarship

Hi, my name is Abraham Martin. I am a junior, History Education major at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. I identify as part of the LGTB community and was involved in on-campus events. I am also an advocate for the Disability community in Wisconsin. I currently work with the UW-Platteville campus disability group and the Wisconsin Youth Leadership Forum (YLF), a newly created non-profit organization modeled after California’s YLF. I currently serve as an active board member, treasurer and secretary; while also serving as counselor/facilitator/mentor for the students.

I have interests such as self-directed learning, language study, playing piano, and most importantly my work for disability awareness. I intend to study abroad in a non-traditional destination, Thailand. I am the only UW-Platteville student to pursue study abroad in Thailand. I intend to study and volunteer abroad with the same degree of passion as I have here in Wisconsin.

Journal entries by Abraham

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