Mid terms for Thai Schools







Hello again – sorry for being so lazy in writing these blogs. I know everyone wants to know what I have been doing. 

so I am posting for the first week of October in this one. 

(which i took long to respond because the first week of October was actually Mid terms which is what I want to talk about – very different from my midterms at UWPLATTEVILLE.) 

Like in the United States – my program here in Thailand also has a midterm component for the class structure. it was October 1-5, but in other programs was the next week, and if following the Thai academic calendar it would be semester finals. :) 

okay – so let me talk about my midterm experience from home. 

I study for about 2 hours  the night before – pray to the heavens above for a good grade then go to bed. Get up – go to class 15 minutes before class I go to play piano to relax and then sit in my desk cramming the last 30 seconds before the instructor shows up. That is how I roll, okay?!? I do fairly well. . . . usually. What I hate about midterms is that it usually ends up having more than one test on the same day – terrible if you ask me – I hate having to cram for 3 tests on the same day. 

My midterms have been take home tests, multiple choice, fill in the space, matching, and essay. (which does not differ here in Thailand). 

Okay so you see how I do my midterms? Great – now let me tell you about Thailand Midterms. 

first off you only have one midterm a day, no exceptions. – upon arrival to the university there is a sign of 25 things to do when taking the midterm. First and foremost – ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR THAMMASAT UNIFORM OR YOU WILL BE DENIED TAKING THE TEST. That is right – If students do not wear the required uniform the instructor or staff who administer the test have the right to refuse you access to take the exam – resulting in a 0. This time it was relaxed because we are international students and we don’t know these things – but mark my words – the final will be different – no uniform – no exam. 

Next – students must display their ID card on their desk the entire time of the exam. 

Students can only leave the room once and only if accompanied by one of the Test administer staffs. (this includes going to the restroom – it is a precaution to prevent cheating- which like in the USA is a serious issue – expulsion) 

Students are not allowed to have any devices books or papers on or near their desk – packs, bags and such all need to be deposited at the front or rear of the room. 

Format of the exam is very similar to tests in the USA 

the time limit is 2 hours for every exam, and students need to stay in the room for at least the first 40 minutes of the exam period. 

So that is what I learned about exams here in Thailand – can’t wait to actually see my scores – hope I did fantastic. :)