Hello, FEA Alumni!

We are proud to welcome you to our growing community of study abroad alumni! The FEA Alumni Program offers leadership opportunities, professional development opportunities, and a network of self-supporting professionals across the United States and the world.

Get involved!  Contact Senior Program Coordinator, Michelle, for details. 


  • Alumni Voices – Use our blogging platform to share your insights and contribute original content to to it.
  • Social Media Internships  – Gain valuable experience in communications and social media; join our team virtually. The position requires attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our intern will be a talented social media coordinator who will be responsible for creating engaging text, image, and video content to increase FEA’s brand awareness and grow its digital reach.
  • Alumni Advisors – Share your challenges and successes abroad with new scholars. When we select scholars for an award to assist in their travels abroad, they will be faced with new and exciting obstacles: finding housing, retrieving scholarship dollars, overcoming language anxiety, and finding the best spot for a traditional cultural meal. As a volunteer advisor, you will be paired with a current scholar set to travel to a location familiar to you and open the doors of communication. They will be eager to ask questions and hear your advice and tips pre-departure.
  • Ambassadors – Help us reach other students as an FEA Ambassador at your home university or within your community. Not only will you share your individual story, but we will train you to speak about FEA’s mission and programming so that you can reach potential future scholars and encourage them to apply for study abroad. As an official ambassador, you’ll hone your communication skills and become an advocate for study abroad. FEA Ambassadors may make presentations at their home universities, in their communities, at regional FEA fundraising events, and the Annual Reception in Washington, D.C., where appropriate.
  • Alumni Board Members – Share your valuable experiences with other FEA leaders and help shape the future of our organization. Each year, one alumnus will be elected to the FEA Board of Directors to serve a two-year limited term. Board Members commit to attend two Board meetings annually (mid-November and mid-May) either in-person or virtually, and participate on two Board meeting conference calls (mid-February and mid-August).
  • Alumni Council – Coming in 2018! The FEA Alumni Council will be charged with alumni communication and events, as well as engagement of alumni in fundraising efforts. In addition, the Council will convene and plan for an annual reunion and scholar conference that will held in conjunction with the annual FEA Scholar Gala in Washington, D.C. Applications for the Council will open in early 2018.


  • Annual Scholar Gala: Each year in November, the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) invites our alumni from across the country to come to Washington, D.C. for our Scholar Gala. The gala provides an opportunity for scholars to connect with our community of donors, thought leaders and partners, and share their life-changing study abroad experiences. The Scholar Gala highlights the importance of diversity and access to international education, and each year funds raised go toward FEA scholarships for the upcoming year.
  • Regional Fundraising Events: A number of FEA fundraisers occur throughout the year and we invite our alumni to attend as our special guests. These events provide opportunities to network with international educators, study abroad enthusiasts, and with one another. Alumni also develop their presentation and public speaking skills.


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