Trip to krabi







Before Christmas My Thai Friend and I decided we wanted to go to Krabi (a beach city). It was perfect because I really needed to go to krabi to see my friend (whom I have been helping start his tour business). We (my friend and I) decided to spend the New Year in Krabi. It was fantastic. We went by night bus from Southern Bus Terminal. It took about 11-12 hours. i didn’t sleep at all those two nights (to and from Krabi). We left Bangkok at about 7pm and arrived the next morning at 6-7am. Upon arriving we went to our hotel and later we men my friend. We went to the Ao Nang beach, 30 minutes from Krabi town, where we were staying. That day was spend on motor bike going around Krabi. we went to 5 beaches and the Tiger Cave Temple. 

The Beaches were beautiful, at one beach we saw locals fishing by pulling a net across the bottom of the sea. It was funny when these two little french girlss found a beached squid and would poke it then scream when it moved. It was hilarious. After we went to the Temple, of which has a buddha on the highest peak. To get to the Image of Buddha I had to climb 1,237 steps, some of which had an incline of some 80 degrees. The view from the top was spectacular (despite the clouds that were there upon reaching the summit). I climbed the top and I was proud of myself. The monkeys were very annoying though. 

Anyway, the next day we went by speed boat to go to Phi Phi Islands. It was a one day trip. We saw 6 beaches, on 6 islandds. My friend did the snorkeling – I can’t swim, so I didn’t want to do it. My friend had to tell me how he saw Nemo and Dory (with the exception that the dory fish was eating another fish. I had to tell him that Dory did not eat other fish in the movie. he he he. One beach we stopped at was the film location for the Leonardo DiCaprio film “The Beach”. I have never seen the movie. That night we went to the new year carnival, the vendors and the games were fun to watch. We even played 3 rounds of bingo, but never won. :( 

On the final day we checked out of the hotel and walked around Krabi town. We visited the temple down the street – payed respects and the like. We proceeded to the day market where we bought some nice Dragon Fruit, Mangosteens, and some pork on a stick. It was delicious (aroy maak maak) We ate near the river and was approached by a man who did tours on the nearby bay. It was to go see the mangrove forest. It was very cool and beautiful. The tour was a good deal at only 10 dollars for a 1.5 hour tour. We stopped at a cave that was used by cave dwellers and later japanese soldiers during the second world war. We ended our trip by going through the mangrove It was cool. After we stopped at a fish farm were we saw a small fish show. Saw a sea turtle, red snappers, a blow fish (which was really cool to see. It was funny to see it puff up.) After returning to Krabi town, we caught the first song taew (a red truck that has seats in the back and is used as a taxi service in the city) and went back to the bus terminal. After that we headed back to Bangkok. The last thing I saw before it got to dark was a rubber tree farm.