Transportation of Thailand –







Bangkok a city of 12 million people and about 10 million cars, 5,000 busses, 6 million taxis, 38 river express boeats, 20 canal boats, 3 sky train rails (with about 20 trains total), 1 subway (with about 8 trains), 8,000 tuk tuks, and 6 million motobikes. Can you believe it? The traffic is heavy during the rush hour (7am until 9am and again from 3pm until about 7pm.) In certain areas – its heavy traffic all day long. (Especially near the Siam Shopping Complex – can you imagine 12 Mall of America’s Lining the street – both sides. – It is extremely unbelievable. 

These are just some of the Transport modes, that I know of. There could be more, but who knows. In this city anything is possible. I have used the safest modes while I have been here but never the more dangerous and unpredictable modes. I think the motorbike taxi is going to be avoided for the duration of my stay. – I don’t think my insurance would cover an accident on it. When traffic gets heavy – eveything slows down – which in some cases is actually a good thing. The city moves so fast that slowing down is okay. 

My favorite mode of transport is by far the public bus. I know – a taxi would be so much better. Well – I can take a bus for an eighth of the cost 8 baht compated to 75 baht. or 13 baht compared to 152 baht. – I get to the same place no problem – one just takes more time – but equal time in stand still traffic – so who is smarter now. ??? ha ha, just kidding. Anyway – the Bus here in Thailand is not so bad. Unlike in the USA where you pay the fare when you enter the bus – I get on the bus – sit if a seat is available, and when a person comes around to collect the fare – I just give her the money. On air con bus I have to tell them where I am going because the fare changed based on Distance. If I get on a red bus – it is usually about 6.5 Baht. (Some red busses  have a blue sign with white letters saying it is a free bus) These are especially nice. :) The blue and White busses – or sometimes Pink busses are 8 baht flat fare, no matter how far you travel – same with the red bus – free or not.) The Mass Transit Authority of Bangkok (MTAB) runs most of the busses – there are some blue air con busses (all of which have number 5** = 500 + two other numbers) These busses are run by a private company are are actually cheaper – sometimes. Last time I used it – cost me 10 baht. I don’t know why but I just like the bus – makes me feel more local, in addition to working well with my tight budget. :) The other upside to the bus is if you get lost – you eventually end up back where you started (not always but sometimes – it has happened more than once. Besides by using the bus I can work on my reading skills trying to read the signs to figure out where the bus goes. 

I would use the taxi but it just costs too much at a base fare of 32 baht (about 1US dollar) the price increases quickly. Therfore; I reserve taxi use to when I absolutely need it – besides I think it is difficult to get around by taxi if you don’t speak fluent Thai. Many don’t understand english. – Only time I HAVE to use taxi is if I go to immigration office. but it is very expensive – about 20 us dollars in travel. 

Lastely you have Boats and the Trains. I have used the boats only a few times – not convient for me since they are not close and don’t go where I want to go. The trains (subway – MRT – and Sky Train – BTS) are also not near me so not really a good mode of transport for me. as a matter of fact I just used the MRT the other day – and the BTS about a week ago. 

As far as the boats go – there are some locations that can only be visited by Boat. For instance Wat Arun (วัดอรุน) (Temple of Dawn) is easier to get to by boat instead of road. Too many streets to take to get to it.