Application Instructions

Beginning with our Spring 2021 Scholarship Application cycle, the FEA application will now be hosted on a platform called WizeHive. Previous applications have been hosted on different application platforms, so please read these instructions carefully, especially if you have applied for an FEA scholarship in the past.

To Begin Your Application

Sign up with an email and password in the application portal, as pictured. NOTE: Please use a non-university affiliated email address to ensure you receive all relevant emails from the system. Some university filters filter out automatic emails, like the ones you will receive from WizeHive, as spam.

Click on “+Create a Profile to Get Started” and complete your profile.

create profile for application

Once your profile is complete, click on “Get Started” to complete your scholarship application.

Be sure to complete your application by the deadline. Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and AY 22-23 deadline is January 12, 2022 at 12pm (noon) EST.

get started application

What you’ll need

  1. Complete the application form, as shown above.
  2. Print the Financial Aid Form and bring it to your university’s financial aid office. Someone from that office should complete the form and give it back to you for you to upload to the application.
  3. Upload your unofficial transcript to your application.
  4. Submit the name and email of your Recommender. NOTE: After your recommender submits your letter of recommendation, you must go back into the application to submit. Your application will not be complete until you click submit after the letter of recommendation is uploaded.
  5. Make sure ALL application materials are uploaded and submitted to your application before the deadline to be considered for an FEA scholarship.