Christmas in Bangkok







This will be a short post – I just wanted to talk about my experience with celebrating christmas. 

This was the first year not celebrating Christmas at home. I was very affected but so was my family. They kept telling me how it didn’t feel like Christmas because I was not there to decorate for it. When I decorate I go a little crazy. While I was here I did buy a small tree (which looks very similar to my mothers tree (that why I bought it)) and some lights that again remind me of home. Christmas is celbrated here but not like int he USA. It is commercialized but the giving of gifts seems more sincere, for those who celebrate. Most businesses do display a tree but many just hang a lot of lights. But unless you have been here a while or during a non holiday month, you will see that there are a lot of christmas lights and there are just more with the celebration on Christmas, and of course the celebration of the Kings Birthday, which I have already written about. 

I celebrated christams sick. I had a cold/flu again. However on christams Ieve I did spend the day with my Thai Friend. We went to the IKEA store at the Bangna Shopping Mall. A complex larger than the Mall of america. We spent a few hours there. It takes a day to walk the entire complex, its huge. and I only walked a way with 2 things. they were plushis from that silly game zombies Vs. plants. Google it! They were a little expensive but that was ok I thought they were very cute.