President Obama







Welcome President Obama and Secretary Clinton to Bangkok Thailand. 

Let me tell the story prior to His visit. 

The personal doctor of the President is Mr. Kueter. I know the parents of Mr. Kueter and at the beginning of November he was visiting Bangkok. He visited many temples and interesting points of interest. He was searching for a place that the President could visit while in Bangkok. I was unable to meet with Mr. Kueter myself and show him around Bangkok. 

So as some people know Mr. Obama was in Cambodia at the ASEAN conference. He is the first president to visit Thailand and southeast Asia. It is especially honoring because I have never seen the President nor his motorcade. 

on December 2 He visited The temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho วัดโพ) with Secretary Clinton. After that they went to visit His Majesty the King at the Hospital. The most exciting thing was that the Presidents motorcade drove right past my apartment. My building called me and told me I needed to close my window and door immediately because the President of the USA was going to be driving by. I was so excited that my President would be driving past my apartment. 

It was most spectactular to see the images of the President and the King and the President visiting the Temple of the reclining Buddha. :)