Before you begin your journey:

  1. Register for a pre-departure webinar.
  2. Review FEA’s Blogging Curriculum you received upon completion of the webinar.
  3. Set up your blog before you go – you are expected to blog at least once a week while you’re away.
  4. Complete your pre-departure video, and upload it to Vimeo and your blog.
  5. Prepare your scholarship disbursement and complete the Disbursement Request Form. Send this, along with your receipts, to

During Your Time Abroad:

Check out these helpful resources:

  • A good place to start when searching for resources to help students adapt to life abroad is Diversity Abroad. They have relevant information for racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ students, first-generation college students, and more!
  • The U.S. Department of State also offers a list of practical resources students should know when they study abroad.
  • There are countless blogs out there that focus on studying abroad, but a helpful one to start with is CAPA World.
  • Similarly, many articles cover how to budget while you’re abroad. A good one to get you started is here: How to Budget for Study Abroad by GoOverseas.
  • Some websites, like Huffington Post, have an archive of past posts that were study abroad-related.
  • Many universities and program providers have their own list of resources for adjusting to life abroad, as well. Check out what advice your office or program might offer!

After you return:

  1. Congrats, scholar! You’re officially an FEA Alumna/us.
  2. Some resources to help you reflect on your experience: resume examples and tips for promoting your study abroad experience AND interviewing guidelines to help you articulate your experience (courtesy of the DC Lessons from Abroad Conference). Hope these are helpful!
  3. Review FEA Alumni opportunities. Visit that page from now on.