WorldStrides: ISA and TEAN

Applicants interested in ISA or TEAN by WorldStrides programming who meet FEA’s eligibility requirements could receive up to $5,000 in scholarship funding for a fall or spring semester, or between $1,250-3,500 for the summer term.

Applicants who are awarded ISA or TEAN by WorldStrides Access Partner Scholarships will receive their scholarship disbursement directly from the Fund for Education Abroad. FEA sends disbursements directly to the student awarded, either by mailing a physical check or via direct deposit.

Together, ISA and TEAN by WorldStrides provide student-driven, experiential learning opportunities in 30 countries, partnering with more than 100 host universities. ISA by WorldStrides offers study, intern, and service-learning programs across Europe, Latin America, and Africa. TEAN by WorldStrides is the leading expert on study and internship experiences in Asia Pacific. No matter your destination of choice, we have the program that fits your academic, career, and personal goals. It’s your time for a life-changing moment. Take the first step to apply today

Additional Opportunities with WorldStrides

WorldStrides offers a wide variety of global programs both in-person and online. All programs are designed to immerse students in the host culture through active participation. To learn more about all of our programs please visit us at