DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia

Applicants interested in DIS’s programming who meet FEA’s eligibility requirements could receive up to $5,000 per semester (summer awards start at $1,250 for 3+ weeks abroad).

Applicants who are awarded DIS Access Partner Scholarships will receive their scholarship disbursement directly from the Fund for Education Abroad. FEA sends disbursements directly to the student awarded, either by mailing a physical check or via direct deposit.

DIS is a non-profit study abroad foundation established in Denmark in 1959, with locations in Copenhagen and Stockholm. DIS provides semester, academic year, and summer programs taught in English, and offers high-impact learning experiences for upper-division undergraduate students from distinguished North American colleges and universities. The intellectually challenging curriculum is broad, cutting edge, and enriched by experiential learning components, including faculty-led study tours across Europe. It provides students with opportunities for meaningful cultural engagement and personal growth, which is further enriched through housing and extracurricular offerings.

DIS offers a variety of semester and summer options:

Build your semester by choosing a Core Course from 42 Academic Programs in Copenhagen and 13 in Stockholm, and select from nearly 300 upper-level courses between the two locations – all taught in English.

Or, in the summer, you can mix and match between either DIS location, spending anywhere from 3-9 week in Scandinavia studying everything form Furniture Design to Computer Science to doing research in social cognition in children.

Additional Opportunities with DIS

If you are a semester student, you travel with your Core Course on two faculty-led Study Tours related to your Academic Program! Summer students travel on a week-long Study Tour for Session 2 courses as well as architecture and design courses. On tour, visit important sites and meet with local experts who add their perspectives to your knowledge of the field.