The University of Sydney

FEA Scholars pursuing a semester of study at the University of Sydney and who meet FEA’s eligibility requirements may receive a tuition waiver scholarship or an accommodation scholarship.

NEW in 2023: If attending the University of Syndey through the Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA), scholars may be eligible for a tuition waiver AND a round-trip airfare voucher.

Accommodation waivers are valued at $5500-$5700 USD. Tuition waivers are valued at $8250-8500 USD.

The IFSA-USYD scholarship provides a tuition waiver and round-trip airfare valued at over $10,000 combined! Recipients MUST study abroad through IFSA at the University of Sydney for a semester to be eligible for this scholarship.

Applicants who are awarded USYD Access Partner Scholarships will receive their scholarship disbursement as a billing credit from the University of Sydney. The Fund for Education Abroad and the University of Sydney will work with scholarship recipients to communicate with recipients’ program providers and/or home institutions to ensure the scholarship is applied.

Applicants who are awarded the IFSA-USYD Access Partner Scholarship will receive a billing credit and airfare through IFSA.

The University of Sydney offers the best experience in Australia coupled with state-of-the-art learning environments and academic support services in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  A Semester or Year Study Abroad experience is a brilliant way to experience our exciting culture, develop global connections in your chosen profession, and gain a competitive advantage in the graduate employment market. Every year, hundreds of students from around the world are welcomed to the University of Sydney through our Study Abroad program. Some come for our academic reputation while others wish to experience our vibrant student life bolstered by our guaranteed housing and unique Internship Program.  Whatever the reason, join us and find out why we’re Australia’s favourite option.

USYD offers a variety of options for both semester as well as yearlong studies.

We have several thousand units of study across 16 Faculties and Schools.  Units of study at 1000-level through 4000-level are considered Undergraduate and units of study at 5000-level and above are considered Postgraduate. Explore all available options here.

Additional Opportunities with USYD

MATES Abroad – Social Mentoring Program
Each semester, hundreds of Study Abroad students opt-in and are paired with enthusiastic Australian student mentors to ease their transition into Sydney life, foster an international culture, and share exciting adventures in Australia together.

The MATES Abroad Program includes:

  • Meeting and connecting with their Aussie mentors, pre-arrival via email, phone or social media
  • Arrival help and support in the initial days/weeks of life in Sydney
  • Travelling on a mode of Sydney transport
  • Experiencing something quintessentially “Australian” together
  • Sharing the mentor’s friends by inviting the international mates to meet more local students