H.M. the Kings Birthday







December 5, 2012 is the Birthday of His Majesty the King. It is the most spectacular celebration in Thailand and everyone celebrates the holiday. Like the Queens Birthday being Mothers Day, The Kings Birthday is also Fathers Day. 

I don’t have any pictures of the Kings Birthday. I began the day watching his journey from the hospital to the Capitol building on television. The royal road to the Capitol was blanketed in Yellow, the Color of the Kings Flag. The yellow was the people who came together wearing their yellow shirts to celebrate and pay their respects to their beloved king. It was unbelievable. When the king drives by the people cry in celebration. The devotion is so strong to the king. Even I a non Thai almost felt like crying because of his presence. It is indescribable the sensation of that moment. 

I went to meet a friend a little later and while I waited I saw police men gathering on the Bridge and I knew in a moment, the King was coming this way. I ran to the bus stop nearby because I wanted to see the king for myself. I kneeled on the grass in the proper respect paying position. While I waited a thai man came up to me and handed me two flags, the national flag and the Kings flag. I waited nearly 30 minutes before the first cop cars came by. and then. I saw the white van carrying the King. I can’t describe the feeling. The devotion, the love payed to the king was nothing I had ever experienced before. I did the one thing I wanted to do, See the King in real life. It was the most amazing day of my time here in Thailand. Nothing could be better than seeing the King. 

Friday was my 22nd birthday – and I celebrated it with many friends. I ate at a buffet which was fantastic. My friends gave me some wonderful gifts. Cheese – I miss it dearly. and a wallet. :) I am so happy with my friends here in Thailand.