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LaVannah Watt


University of Texas, Arlington

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Costa Rica (Summer)

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Hello, my name is LaVannah Watt. I am studying Nursing (RN) and Spanish at the University of Texas, Arlington. I am a member of the Arlington Nursing Students’ Association (ASNA), Black Student Nurse Nursing Association (BSNA), and Hispanic Student Nursing Association (HSNA). As a member, I volunteer in the Dallas-Fort Worth community and offer support to incoming and fellow nursing students.
I am a 25-year-old single parent who strives daily to be a positive example for my son and family. I demonstrate patience, passion, and purpose as I continue through college in contrast to the “stereotypical norms” placed on single parents by today’s society. I have endured and conquered many obstacles that most people would perceive as deterrents to achieving their dreams. Because of my life experiences, I am determined to work hard and go beyond the “expected limitations”. I am taking the initiative to learn, grow, and network to broaden my horizon to life outside of the United States. I have always desired to become a competent Spanish speaker, so I want to fully emerge in the culture. That is why I decided to study abroad in Costa Rica this summer.

With this opportunity, I will be studying Medical Spanish and Conflict Resolution in Healthcare. I will learn effective communication and leadership skills that I can integrate into practice upon returning to Texas. I will be able to connect with my patients and fellow colleagues who are fluent speakers. Also, while in Costa Rica, I will be participating in a service-learning program and volunteering at a medical institution to further develop my professional skills as a student nurse. I look forward to learning more about the Spanish language, becoming culturally competent, and immersing myself in the Tico culture. “Pura Vida!”


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