Returning Home: Texas






I have finally returned home to Texas. It has been a bittersweet moment. I am sad to leave Costa Rica because it has offered me so many chances to grow personally and professionally, learn a new language and culture, and explore beautiful places. I have truly enjoyed every opportunity and adventure, even when I was uncomfortable with trying something new. I hate to leave behind a great family, friends, and co-workers who I have grown to love and adore. I am going to miss spending quality time with everyone, learning and speaking Spanish, volunteering, and emerging fully into the Tico culture. I am going to miss the long walks throughout Downtown San Jose and exploring the various stores, shops, and restaurants. I am going to miss travelling (with minimal expenses) to neighboring cities, such as Arenal, Monteverde, Tamarindo, and Manuel Antonio. I am going to miss the wonderful beaches, rainforests, and fighting the monkeys and raccoons. The wildlife made the trips a little more fun and exciting, especially when they try to sneak away your personal items.It was definitely a challenge to hide my things, but, as I reflect, I can look back at it, laugh, and smile about the situations. Reality is starting to set in, and summer is coming to an end shortly. So, I am sad that I will have go back to my normal routine with school, work, and being a mom. However,  I am happy to be back in Texas, so I can see my son and family. I have been missing my child tremendously, especially his hugs and kisses. They always seems to brighten up my day. I am looking forward to taking him to the local park, waterpark, and children’s museum before our summer concludes. Also, I am happy to see my parents. They have been my biggest support throughout this experience. I am excited to tell them all about my adventures and lessons learned during this summer program. I am looking forward to cooking them a special Costa Rican dinner and explain the “Pura Vida” culture. Overall, I am so glad to tell them how awesome studying abroad has changed my life for the better. I see myself speaking about this experience for many years to come. I am thankful that I had to chance to accomplish one of my lifetime goals, with the help of FEA. For that, I am grateful for all that has occurred in Costa Rica in Summer 2015.