Re-creation of Gallo Pinto & Guacamole






Since this is my last week in Costa Rica, I decided to spend time with my Tica Nanny (house mom) and re-create some of her best recipes. I learned how to make Gallo Pinto and Nicaraguan guacamole. These are staple foods for many Tico families.

Below, I have written my interpretation of her recipes. You may try them at your own risk.

For the gallo pinto, it is best to cook the frijoles rojo (red beans) and arroz (rice) the night before you plan to make the dish. Cook the rice and beans as instructed on the container.  Furthermore, on the next day, warm a small skillet with a little oil (enough to cover the bottom) and sautee some white onions and red bell peppers (see photo). Once the vegetables are soft, add the frijoles. Cook the beans until they become warm and semidry (when most of the liquid has been cooked down). Add the rice and cook for another 5 minutes (or until rice is warmed). Then, serve dish while warm. 

You may serve Gallo Pinto anytime of the day. For breakfast, serve with eggs and toast. For lunch or dinner, serve with small salad and sour cream. 

For the Nicaraguan guacamole, you will need four eggs (boiled), four avocados, 1/2 small White Onion, two Limes, one Green Onion, fresh Cilantro, and salt. First, boil eggs for approximately seven mintues (or until eggs begin to crack). Once ready, peel and place eggs into an empty container. Dice the green & white onions into fine pieces (see photo). Roll and cut the limes into 3’s (see photo). Dice avocados (cut should resemble a X), scoop out pieces with a spoon, and place them into a bowl. Now, dice the eggs and mix with the avocado. Add the onions. Squeeze the limes into bowl. Add two pinches of salt and cilantro. Stir mixture softly and slowly to prevent mashing the pieces of avocadoes. Now, you may serve this dish with any meal. 

If you decide to re-create this recipes, I hope you enjoy it!