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South Korea (Fall)

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Mar 08th 2016

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Dec 04th 2015

Exploring with a Friend

Nov 11th 2015

Lotte World

Oct 27th 2015

Fall is Here

Oct 17th 2015

Midterms Week

Oct 08th 2015

In the Heights

Oct 08th 2015

Gangnam Hallyu Festival

Sep 27th 2015

N Seoul Tower

Sep 19th 2015

One month in Korea

Sep 10th 2015

Busan (Part 2)

Sep 03rd 2015

Busan (Part 1)

Aug 26th 2015

One week in Korea

More About This Scholar

My name is Karen Conde and I’m a senior studying International Business and French at the University of Texas at Arlington. I spend most of my free time trying out new cooking recipes, walking my dog, and learning about the history of other countries. As a first generation college student and coming from a low-income family, nobody ever believed me when I said I would go study abroad. Well, I proved all those people wrong because this will be my second time studying abroad in South Korea!

Next Fall I will be spending the last semester of my undergraduate career at Yonsei University, one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea. It is a goal of mine to work in Seoul someday and studying at Yonsei will get me two steps closer to that goal. I will be studying Korean and International business there, but I also plan to travel to historical sites, try all the delicious cuisine I missed out on last time, and share my experiences with everyone.


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