N Seoul Tower





N Seoul Tower, also know as Namsan Tower, is a communications tower on top on Namsan Mountain. It’s my favorite place to visit at nighttime because you get a good view of all of Seoul from here and the tower lights up at night.

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This time, however, I went earlier an left once it got dark because it was getting too crowded. Since it’s Korean Thanksgiving right now in Korea only tourists attractions are open, so the places are packed with locals and tourists, but the view of the tower and the city makes the visit worth it.

Korean Thanksgiving was originally to celebrate the successful harvest and to pay respect to their ancestors with food and games.

Because it was Korean Thanksgiving, there were a lot of traditional games to try out. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures while I was enjoying playing the other games, but I did capture this shot of children playing jump rope.

Playing games brought back memories of me playing games during field day back when I was in elementary school. It was also nice to interact and connect with other people through games even tough we don’t speak the same language.