Samsung Innovation and Psy





This Thursday, Samsung Electronics hosted an event about over coming challenges called, Play the Challenge. There were guest speakers and performances, and one of the guest speakers happened to be the president of Samsung Electronics himself and one of the performers was PSY! Yes, that’s the guy who performs Gangnam style.

One of the reasons I came to study in Korea is because I would like to work here in the future, and Samsung is one of the best companies to work for here, so I had to go see what the president would talk about even though I couldn’t understand everything he was saying. Their marketing strategy is really good because basically the event was to showcase their new Samsung Wear Technology. This was technology like the type you see in the movies. A man with a body suit came out, and this suit could sense what you are doing physically( resting, walking, running, squatting, etc.), it could measure your body fat, heart rate, waist size, and tell you how many calories you are burning. It’s like having a personal trainer at all times. After they showcased their technology, Psy came out to perform and the audience went crazy. In the US, he’s only known for Gangnam Style, but here in Korea everyone know his songs no matter what their age is. He had a lot of energy and the audience had a lot of energy, so it was very contagious. Even though we did not know some of his songs we had a lot of fun.

I really wish companies could hold events like this back in the US, or maybe they do have them but it’s not as easy to find out about them. There is only about a month left until I go back home, and I’m really going to miss being able to go to events like this.