Midterms Week





I’m used to having exams all throughout the semester because professor back home like to give three or more exams or main assignment for each class. Here at Yonsei, however, our grade is divided mainly into our midterm, final, and a small participation grade. One thing I love about my classes here is that, I don’t have to take any sit-in fill in the answer choice exams for my midterm. My midterms consists of three research essays and one business plan presentation.  I prefer this format of testing much better because I feel that while I’m researching I keep more of the information I read since I’m trying to get my point across and puts terms and theories into practice in my essays/ presentation. Meanwhile, if I’m studying for a sit-in exam I primarily just memorize terms and theories and tend to forget them sooner.

Next week I don’t have any class since I don’t have to take any exams in class, so I’m hoping to finish my research papers soon, and enjoy the week I will have off from school.