Fall is Here





The weather has finally been getting a lot cooler and the leaves have changed colors. Right now Seoul has that perfect 65-70 degree weather and the trees look so, beautiful with all the different colors leaves. Actually, Fall is my favorite time of the year because it’s not too hot or too cold and there is usually no rai , but sadly this season only last a couple of days here in Seoul. Soon it will get too cold and the trees will be bare and look dead and the only thing you will see will be my eyes because I will wrap myself in so many layers of clothes and scarves.

I’ve taken some pictures to show you all how beautiful it looks , but I can’t post them until I figure out a way to fix my laptop. A friend has agreed to help me out with that next week, since my Korean isn’t good enough to try and explain what happened to it. I will post them here whenever I can along with my pictures of Japan that I will be taking this weekend. Yes! I’m going to be in Osaka this weekend. I’m scared because it will be the first time I will be in a country where I don’t know ANYTHING about the language. Before coming to Korea, I at least knew how to read it and knew some survival Korean, but all I can say in Japanese is hello, thank you, good night, and how to count to 10. Luckily I’m going with another friend who’s also an exchange student, so if we get lost at least we won’t be by ourselves. I’m excited to try new food, experience a different culture, and go to Harry Potter world!

Wish me luck!