*BASAA Scholarship

Anyong friends! I am Brandon Morrissette. I study Finance at Plymouth State University. In the past before college, I worked in the hospitality industry. I was born and raised in a small rural town in the far northern part of New Hampshire.

I will study two semesters at Korea University in Seoul. My goal from this experience is to be able to read, write, and speak Korean language at a fourth grade level. I want to travel to all places in Asia. This is because at work I met many friendly, interesting people from that continent. I chose Korea in particular as the result of gentle persuasion from my Korean friends.

My favorite academic subject is economics. When I am not studying for my classes, I enjoy learning about Buddha and Confucius. I intend on doing many temple visits. In Korea, I look forward to being reunited with a co-worker who is really dear to me and that I have not seen for 5 years. In addition to seeing old friends, I look forward to meeting many new ones. I also look forward to eating delicious food in Korea. It is possible that I love food because I did not have the best food when I was a growing up. After study abroad and graduation, my goal is to financially support my whole family.

Journal entries by Brandon

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