5 Minute Blog Post






These days, I have been really busy. Usually eating 1.5 meals a day and sleeping 6-7 hours per night. I get wifi on the subway or at school, but I never really have the chance to sit behind a computer. When I have a spare minute, I think about my future. Whether that future is good or bad depends on decisions that I make today, and how hard I work at my classes.

I have one exam and 3 quizzes to study for this weekend. In addition, I am seriously behind in my intermediate accounting class. I intend on drinking one or two liters of coffee in order to accomplish my tasks today. I am so busy that after going to classes there is little to none residual time left in order to prepare for the next day or class. Saturday and Sunday is my only shot to get caught up.

I regret not learning Korean language earlier in my life. I really envy the Korean middle school students that are learning English, or the international high school students that are learning Korean. By the time these individuals reach college, they will have adequate proficiency in their second language. My high school, community college, and state university did not teach me the skills needed to be successful in Asia.


This is what my week looks like. However, time flies. Soon I will be back to blogging about Korean culture and history.