Cherry Blossoms and Admissions






This week yielded a turn of events fro me. In addition to going to class and dedicating many hours to studying, I also met a friend. We went to the cherry blossom festival in Seoul.



In addition to taking time to admire Korea’s beautiful flowers, I also got an admissions decision from Korea University. I was accepted into Korea University as a transfer student. However, I am not sure how I will finance this activity. The United States’ government does not provide lending to United States citizens that are degree seeking students in Korea. In addition, Korean banks almost never lend to foreigners. I need to dig up about $5000 by July in order to continue my studies at Korea University. If anyone has been down this road before me, please give me a head’s up about how to raise the funds.

My first nine months in Korea have not always been easy times, but I think it is best to continue studying here. I have learned a lot in a short amount of time. I learned about another culture, picked up a second language, attended business classes. However, most importantly, I have learned how to be a happy person. Before I came to Korea I was always judging myself in addition to other people. I held myself (and others) to such high standards that I was never happy. That is why I studied so much, because I felt inferior. In Korea I learned that it is okay to be successful, but with that success comes responsibility. When I accomplish something such as a scholarship or good grades, I now see it as my duty to lift other people up to my position.

On this beautiful spring day, I am sitting behind a computer. Stressing about tomorrow. Have a nice day.