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Having been living in Korea for 10 months, it is difficult to describe new experiences or cultural differences because the newness has worn off and life has become dull. After spending enough time in a different culture than what one was raised in, everything just blurs together. I really can’t tell the difference anymore between Seoul and my home. Maybe my memory has gotten bad?

I do have one significant event to mention. I usually avoid boasting about academic accomplishments, but I would like to share that I got a 96.5% on an accounting exam. This means a lot to me because this is a turning point in my academics in Korea. On the previous exam, I earned a 64%. Most of my other grades at business school were about the same; very shabby.  I finally figured out how to prepare for an exam in this continent!

While I got piles of projects and studying ahead of me this weekend, I will find time to plan my summer. In addition to flying home and renewing my visa, I also have desire to take some two exams this summer: TOPIK and GRE. I have modest expectations, but I can learn from my mistakes and take them again in the fall and upcoming year.