Post Exams






These days following the final exams after saying goodbye to many friends I have been relaxing in my studio apartment. By the way this apartment only cost about $300 a month. If I were to rent its equivalent in Plymouth, New Hampshire this would cost about $1000 a month. Not to mention it would have loud, partying, puking people everywhere! It goes to show you that almost all myths about studying abroad can be false. Studying abroad is expensive. Yes, it is. Studying at home is expensive too! While the cost of travel is expensive, other costs such as tuition and rent are much lower than at home.

Right now I am preparing for a summer class. It is a non credit earning Korean language class that is offered at no cost to visiting students by Korea University. If I reach high intermediate level in Korean or more, new scholarships will become within my reach.

I forget if I have mentioned it, but I am transferring to Korea University. In the fall I will be enrolled here as a regular international student rather than visiting or exchange. I have not formally left my home institution in the United States. If I continue with finance as my major, I am 6 classes from graduation. As a business administration major, I am only 2 away from graduation in the USA. I am exploring ways to satisfy these requirements online as a result holding multiple degrees in the future.

I made a new friend that is into climbing. This friend will take me for the first time to an indoor climbing wall nearby. Soon I will upload some photos and tell all of you about this experience.