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Nov 23rd 2013

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Nov 22nd 2013


Nov 17th 2013

Birthday to me!

Oct 18th 2013

Constant struggle

Sep 19th 2013

My gift to you

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Hey Hello Hey!
My name is Yian Saechao coming from Seattle University in Seattle, WA, but my hometown is Portland, OR. I am originally the baby of seven siblings, but I was adopted into a one-child family. I am Iu-Mien. I realize that most people are not aware of who or where the Iu-Mien are from, but we do exist. The Iu-Mien is a small tribe that originated from China, dispersed into Southeast Asia, and after the Vietnam War, most resettled in United States. I am proud to be Iu-Mien; however like many Iu-Mien youth, I do not know a lot about my heritage. Which brings me to studying abroad in Thailand. In high school I struggled with the loss of my mother, caring for my unemployed father and ill grandmother, and later the loss of my grandmother. However, through many hardships comes a light at the end of the tunnel. Senior year, I earned my way into Seattle University through scholarships. I am a sophomore public affairs major, social welfare minor, with a specialization in global awareness. I will be studying community public health in Khon Kaen, Thailand in hopes of rediscovering my heritage and gaining experience for my future career. In this generation where beefy resumes seems to be priority, I want to inspire my fellow students of all education levels to pursue their opportunities and education abroad because in the end, what it truly comes down to is your passion and experience, not words on a piece of paper.


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