A different KIND of paradise





After a month in Thailand and making friends who are stressed but always so happy, I fear the end when it is time to go home. It is amazing how in such stressful situations, Thai people seemed to be able to stay cheerful. The culture of Thailand includes characteristics of avoiding confrontations and letting things or misunderstandings go very easily and quickly, which makes for a very different but refreshing environment. In comparison to the United States, everyone in Thailand can easily become friends with one another and rarely have I witnessed much conflict between people. In the United States, I feel that it is easy to know when someone dislikes you or your company through body language or plainly saying it to your face. In Thailand, you would only know that someone disliked you if a friend of that someone came to you later to tell you or you may even never know if someone disliked you.

Because of the difference in culture, I find myself very happy and more appreciative about life and the people within my life. I don’t feel like leaving Thailand because I see in the United States, immediate judgments, strict inclusion and exclusion, and a place of unnecessary competition. Here, I can be me and be happy about being me.

This prompts me to think, what makes Americans or the American culture so judgmental when we are supposed to be a place of acceptance and the so-called “melting pot” of cultures? I understand that there is no way of truly combining all cultures or what not but c’mon! We can get along and at least lessen our judgments. For example, women, why are we in competition with each other?!?! I realize that media can often play a huge role in this but man, why not have more friends than enemies?? Negative vibes are what makes life more stressful and unhappy!

When I get home, my perceptions and point of views have totally changed and I really hope that I can keep it the way it is, because I am so much happier having friends rather than focusing so much on the negative.

Let’s try to bring out a different KIND of paradise in America! Food for thought..maybe. haha!

That’s it for now!

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