month back at home!…..or two. :)





So I have been at home for about a month now and I cannot believe I am no longer in the place where spending time with friends and good company was an essential to the day. It is honestly quite depressing and because of this, I feel the need to go back and visit Thailand again…….. and that is exactly what I am going do! I am planning to go back to Thailand January 2015! 

Anyways, the beginning of my “give back” or should I say my mutual learning opportunity began with sharing my experience, thoughts, and opinions about studying abroad to potential incoming freshman who visited my school to compete for the Sullivan Leadership Award– four-year scholarship. I presented as some who has gone abroad as well as a current Sullivan Scholar myself. This is the beginning of my mutual learning and definitely not the end.

I will continue to share and encourage studying abroad next to my former high school group, the Asian Youth Society (AYS) and later at the Asian American Youth Leadership Conference (AAYLC) as I will be interning for the organization.

Look out for the updates!

GOAL: Keep challenging norms and the things that just don’t seem morally justified in society. Constant challenge for truth. YESSSSS.