Thanksgiving and I am sick!





First of all, HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET SICK IN 70-90 degree weather! This is a new discovery that scares me quite a bit! I was not expecting to get sick and I have been sick for the past 4 days and it SUCKS! However, Thailand has this wonderful food item called Joke, which is the MOST DELICIOUS rice porridge EVER! When I would be sick at home, I would get a similar food item; however not as yummy as the food here. This item is what I will truly miss. Being away from home and being sick is something that is sort of no bueno. BUT my roommate has been a great substitute in making me feel better while being sick. Being sick in Thailand is also an interesting thing because just as much as there are 7-11 convenient stores, there are just as many pharmacies that could address your illness and prescribe you medicine.

            Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I am quite sad I won’t be able to be with my family. I don’t think I will be celebrating thanksgiving this year, but I don’t mind it too much.  I hope to at least skype into the holidays with my family, but that will be decided later.  Thanksgiving, like Halloween, is not celebrated in Thailand so not celebrating Thanksgiving in Thailand won’t be too abnormal. 

            Other than being sick and moping around campus and feeling kind of sad about being in Thailand without family during thanksgiving, LIFE IS GOOD. Until next time! Sorry this is quite short because I am sick in 70-90 degrees weather. WHAT?! Hahahaha.

-Traveling Saechao