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2023 Spring

Will Morales


Mt. San Antonio College

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Spain | *Artigas-Etchegaray Scholarship

Journal Entries

May 28th 2023

I’m home!!

May 13th 2023

Scared… for what??

Apr 30th 2023

The beauty in history

Apr 19th 2023

Adjusting just fine!

Apr 13th 2023

This is for them!

Apr 06th 2023

Where’s the Hot Sauce?

Apr 04th 2023

Moving In!!

Mar 21st 2023

Madrid Here I Come!!

Feb 16th 2023

The Time Has Come!!

More About This Scholar

Home Institution: Mt. San Antonio College
Expected Graduation Year: 2023
Academic Major / Minor: Sociology & Gender Studies
Destination: Madrid, Spain
“Hello” in your host country’s language: Hola
Demographics: Hispanic/Latinx, First-Generation American, First-Generation College Student, Community College Student, Transfer Student, Returning/Adult Learner, LGBTQ+
Future Career Goals: I plan on doing research and becoming a Gender studies professor, hopefully expanding it to the community college level.
Top Three Study Abroad Goals: My top three goals would be exploring learning about the history and culture; Challenge the way I think, comparing cultures on how we are different and how we are similar; Develop a global mindset, a better understanding of global issues.


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