Where’s the Hot Sauce?


While being abroad and living with six other students getting to use the kitchen has been tedious. It helps to have different schedules!

I have eaten at different places like pho, sushi, and Spanish restaurants but none taste like back home. My biggest problem was comparing stuff that I thought would make me feel at home. I needed to enjoy and enjoy the food without comparison to be able to appreciate it. Let me tell you! Game changer!

After a week I finally decided to Let make my first home-cooked meal. I know I know I shouldn’t be eating out as much but after this dish I made I have been cooking at home every chance I can get!

The best meal I had this week wasn’t in a cafe or a restaurant here in Madrid instead it was in my apartment made by myself. I’m no chef but I made myself pasta and let me tell you it was amazing!!! It was a quiet night all my roommates were gone so I had the kitchen to myself!!! I started by boiling water, adding salt and butter to the water, then adding my noodles. Once drained I set it to the side, then started on my sauce which was just some butter then added nata which I think is something similar to heavy cream, and some cream cheese. Let it heat up then added tomato sauce that made it turn to a nice orange/peach color. I added some cheese and let that melt then added back my noodles. Once all incorporated I let it simmer for a bit then served myself and added some cheese on top. Before I started eating I set up my phone to watch Netflix and the first bite was amazing I couldn’t stop eating even when I was full but still had plenty left over. It probably wasn’t the healthiest but it sure was delicious! After posting a pic I found out what I made was penne alla vodka.

I have loved looking up recipes and experimenting with different ingredients. Even though I miss heat like Chile or hot sauce I have made do. Being back home I would cook but it would be simple recipes like mac and cheese or canned Alfredo. Now being abroad I have learned to take chances and not be afraid of food and starting to get out of my comfort zone.