Madrid!! I’ll miss you!


To Madrid, a city I never thought I’d visit here I was living in you. You showed me so much kindness and acceptance I will never forget you!

Don’t think you got rid of me that easily I’ll be back you may not be stuck with me but I will check up on you constantly. To Bilbao, Ibiza, Andalucía, and barcelona thank you for accepting me with open arms you gave me weekends I could never dream of. You gave me an expierence and showed me how kindness goes a long way (it help’s knowing the language too). To the friends I made I can’t wait when we meet up 5, 10, 15 years from now and reminisce on our time abroad together. Yo the strangers who either held the door open for me, showed me how to use the metro, recommended where to eat, or even joined me while I sat alone eating my lunch I appreciate you the little things put a smile on my face and definitely made my day.

I hope I made the same impression to the people I crossed paths with either making their day or just putting a smile on their face. I hope I was able to show them Americans are not a monolithic group and I hope they know I am a non binary gay Latin individual but I am also still American.

To my parents thank you for all your sacrifices you’re the reason I’m able to do something like this. You got to see plenty of pictures but I can’t wait to tell you all about it in person now!

To my family and friends thank you for the support wether it was emotional or donations I definitely couldn’t have done it without you.

To FEA for the biggest help and probably the only reason I was able to have this experience. Who would have thought I’d be one of the few to receive a scholarship. I can’t wait to push my friends to apply so they could have a similar experience.

Oh Madrid I don’t want to say goodbye but I’ll say see you later! I may not be here every day but I will check up on you here and there. You definitely have a piece of my heart. I’ll miss you!

I’ll miss the Cafe’s, the tapas, the sangria.

I’ll miss the impatient bus driver, the metro, the long days of walking, being able to get around the city within 45 mins.

I’ll miss the early sunrise and late sunset, the views, the art, the architecture, the people.

I’ll definitely miss living in you Madrid but I’ll be back.

It’s bittersweet I’m leaving such an amazing place but I’m getting to see my family and be able to hug them and to my friends I can’t wait for our dinner dates or homework dates! There’s so much I missed and I’m ready to be all caught up!

Madrid it was real and an experience I would have never thought could happen! But I did it!! Thank you!!