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Hello, my name is Lynette McGraw and I am so excited to be going to Prague in the Czech Republic! I’ve always wanted to do something like study abroad, however I never thought it was a possible. Especially after “growing up” and having a family. I had never heart of a married couple going on a study abroad trip. Thanks to someone who visited one of my college classes this is now a reality and I plan to do the same thing for others. I will particularly emphasize that this is not just for the first time student or those who can afford to pay the full cost themselves.

We chose the Czech Republic for a number of reasons. One was that the Art and Architecture of the city was virtually untouched by WWII. That fact makes it a perfect location for both Art History and Photography which we are both taking this summer. I hope to set up a photography studio soon and these classes will be a great preparation for this.


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