The adventure begins





Tarmack engine repairs, lost luggage, missed flight and confiscated property is the beginning to a great adventure! What an amazing way to begin, because it’s the challenge that transforms average travel into an adventure. It’s the possibility of getting lost that makes finding your way so fun! We have been here for almost a week. It has been jam packed with experiences of every kind. From the spiritual setting of ancient cathedrals to commercialized historical castle district. And from a modern museum to the old opera house the experiences have been varied and incredible. 

My husband and I have enjoyed visiting the cathedrals and marveling at the ingenuity and devotion it took to build such amazing edifices. The visit to Prague Castle where three guys were thrown from a tower room which started the infamous 30 Years War was historic. We were privlidged to visit Mucha’s Epic Paintings about Czech history in a museum which featured some other famous artists as well, such as Picasso and Monet. The opera was full of passion and drama matching its elegant setting. To all these experiences was added the extra flavor and romance of a city with a memory etched on every wall and in the hearts of every citizen. 

     Learning about the ideas that influenced history such as the renaissance and the Prague Spring has been very enlightening. Art and film (which is another form of art) deeply influenced the minds of the people and brought about huge changes in the social structure and government. It is truly amazing that paint on canvas or stories on reels could be the catalyst for such profound changes.