“Get Lost”





First day of the program and our director lets us loose in the city center and says “wander around, explore the city; get lost”. I loved the idea but my travel partner prefers precise planning and a map. My husband (“travel partner”) and I are both studying art history here in the Czech Republic.  So we’ve been hanging out a lot for the past few weeks (more than regular life@ home).  Which means getting lost was not on the schedule. Getting lost with Lance is not an adventure, it’s just stressfull. However, just four days before we’re due to go home guess who decides to walk home from across town rather than taking the (now familiar) “metro”?  Yes, yes, and yes.  I did decide to find my way alone and yes I got lost but most of all, it was such an enjoyable adventure! I loved it! I found places and saw things I would have missed if I had taken the direct route.  And when, at last, it was time to ask for a little assistance, I had no male aversion to asking directions to keep me from having an excuse to approach the otherwise commonly closed locals. It was a great experience. Although I will admit my feet were pretty tired by the time I got home; it was worth it. 

Although I must admit that he’s less inclined to be in a pleasant state of mind when “lost”, his adventerous spirit is one of the things that led us to be here in the first place! Who else would pretty much drop everything and run away with me to Europe? Life is an adventure and I’m glad he’s my “travel Partner”.