Thousands of Photos, a bag full of souveners and a heart full of memories. These are the things I will carry home with me in a few days. I find myself counting down the moments tell I will see my girls again. I have the most beauitfull daughters and a provencial life at home that I have grown to miss and appreciate like I have never done before. This is the greatest gift that such a journey could have possibly bestowed on me. Even mopping floors and cleaning house will be so much more satisfying because of the things I have experienced here in the Czech republic. It may seem like a crazy thing to say, but without sounding like a spoiled american it would be impossible to explain why it is true.

I have seen many of the art masterpeices of the great artists of the ages but I miss the beauty of my little girl’s smile. I have had more unintrupted time to compleet homework than I ever get at home but I’m missing those little people begging me to go outside and jump on the trampoleen with them or ride bikes or play games. I have only had a small cold dorm to sleep and keep my things in so going home to my house and warm weather actually sounds nice! I have loved every minuet of this adventure (even the small dorm– less to clean!) but now its time to go home and I am glad.