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Scholarship Year:

2023 Spring

Kathy Colin


University of Richmond

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Denmark | *DIS Study Abroad Scholarship

Journal Entries

Jun 20th 2023

Hej Hej Copenhagen

Apr 27th 2023

Travel Weeks at DIS

Apr 02nd 2023

Two Weeks to Two Months

Jan 30th 2023

New Discoveries

Jan 13th 2023

Chicago to Copenhagen

More About This Scholar

Home Institution: University of Richmond
Expected Graduation Year: 2024
Academic Major / Minor: Chemistry / Health Studies
Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark
“Hello” in your host country’s language: Hej
Program Provider: DIS
Demographics: Hispanic/Latinx, First-Generation American, First-Generation College Student
Future Career Goals: I plan to use my passion for chemistry to obtain a Ph.D. and work in the pharmaceutical industry as a medicinal chemist
Top Three Study Abroad Goals: Learn and develop skills that will advance my academic and professional career, immerse myself in my host country, and develop an appreciation for new cultures/customs


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