Hej Hej Copenhagen


In less than five days, I will be on my way back to the states. My friends and I have made it a priority to plan daily events as we approach move-out day. Our schedule for the week is filled with exciting activities such as boating, picnics, dinners/brunches, last-minute shopping, walks around the city, final goodbyes, end-of-the-year dinners, and, of course, packing.

As I pack my bags I am reminded of when I would clean out my closet only to stumble upon and get distracted by several random items, letters, pictures, and trinkets. As I look at these items I begin to reminisce about the memories, stories, and can’t help but smile. It begins to hit me that I really spent four months in Copenhagen, and how much I was going to miss it. I became accustomed to life here and it is hard to envision myself going back to my life pre-study abroad. Copenhagen, my friends, my home, all become my new norm.This realization made it all the more bittersweet as my friends and I enjoyed each of our days together knowing that we soon have to part ways. As the days progressed and the inevitable began seeping in I would walk about the city taking a little longer than usual, making sure to appreciate the commute, listening to the language, seeing the buildings & stores I walked by daily all while in my mind I keep saying to myself this will all be gone soon.

As I pack my bags, it closely resembles when I would clean out my closet only to get distracted by the random items, letters, pictures, and trinkets. Only to spend more time rummaging through the items than actually cleaning out my closet. This is exactly what happened as packed… at least as I attempted to pack. As I look at these items one by one I reminisce about the stories and experiences attached to them, unable to stop myself from smiling or laughing. A few days out and it finally hits me that I have spent four incredible months in Copenhagen, and the realization of how much I will miss it. Life here has become my new norm, and picturing myself returning to my pre-study abroad life is

My time in Copenhagen has become a pivotal moment of self growth. I was exposed to many walks of life, immersed myself in a new culture, and learned more about myself. I have a greater emphasis on wanting to appreciate each day.

For those currently or soon to be abroad know that no matter how daunting change is, good times are soon to come and you will wish you could go back and relive the memories.