Two Weeks to Two Months


From two weeks to two months I have reached the halfway point to my study abroad semester. The concept of time has become a major topic of conversation among my friends and I. We are shocked that two months have passed and that roughly two remain. Since my last entry I have developed new friendships, reflected on my personal growth, and welcomed new experiences.

The act of journaling helped me during my adjustment period and was therapeutic. It helped calm my nerves of being in a new environment. Now for better or worse I have stopped journaling. Despite knowing the benefits journaling had and how helpful it served me during the early stages of my abroad experience, I simply am no longer in need of it. I no longer need an outlet to express my worries, concerns, and mixed emotions. This is partly because those feelings have diminished, I am comfortable, adjusted, and happy. I view this as a sign of personal growth. I am no longer troubled by the millions of thoughts and worries I once had. I do, however, still reflect. Each day I think about what I’m appreciative for and what were the highs of the day. The act of journaling and now reflecting has helped me develop an improved mindset/outlook. What is most rewarding is seeing how I have been able to share this with my friends and family to improve their outlook as well.

As for my cultural experiences in Denmark I have continued to learn about the culture on a daily basis. When talking with my visiting host we share and compare our upbringings, mindset, and opinions. I learn from him as he does with me; fascinated on how our perspectives are molded from our origins. Recently, in my Danish language class we visited a local high school. We were paired with a group of students, introduced ourselves, went on a tour of the school, and participated in activities.

I am very glad to have this time away from reality to grow as an individual, meet new people, gain new experiences, and develop a healthier mindset.

These experiences and new developments will continue to follow me in my future endeavors.