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Jonelle Trillo


Citrus Community College

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Japan (Summer)

Journal Entries

Jul 27th 2018

Last Day In Japan

Jul 25th 2018

My Last Days In Japan

Jul 23rd 2018


Jul 20th 2018

Another Day In Osaka!

Jul 14th 2018

Day 10: Osaka. . . Again

Jul 12th 2018

Day 11: JR Pass

Jul 09th 2018

Day 8: Tea Ceremony

Jul 09th 2018

Day 6: Nara

Jul 06th 2018

Day 5 Part 2: Osaka

Jul 05th 2018

Day 5: Ramen!

More About This Scholar

Hello in your host country language: Kon’nichiwa
University: Citrus Community College
Expected graduation year: 2020
Destination: Kyoto, Japan
Program Provider: AIFS
Major / Minor: Geology
Demographic background: First-generation, Hispanic-American
Future career aspirations: Geological Engineer
Top 3 goals for study abroad: To visit my Japanese exchange student friend’s home towns; To try lots of new food; To participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.


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