Day 13: Cultural Differences





So I’m about to start my weekend in Tokyo.. I’m very excited for that. But for now, since I have not done many new activities, I have decided to write about cultural differences that I have noticed so far on my trip.

1.) Everyone is far more respectful and manners are highly valued here compared to the United States. Everyone says thank you and are very polite.

2.) Restaurants have a little wet napkin on the table to clean your hands before your meal.

3.) Beside the obvious no tipping situation here; another cultural difference regarding paying at restaurants is that you must go to the front of the store to pay your bill.

3.) Eggs are not refrigerated and are commonly consumed raw.

4.) Motorists in cars are aggressive towards pedestrians.

5.) People stare at you a lot because tourists really stand out like a sore thumb.

6.) Slurping food is a compliment.

7.) A lot of bathrooms do not have anywhere to dry your hands.

8.) The toilets are robotic. It can get a bit confusing.

9.) A lot of times, people fold the end of the toilet paper into a little triangle shape as if it were a napkin.

10.) People talk a lot less here.

11.) People in arcades are very competitive and utilize arcades for competitive gaming.

12.) No outdoors shoes inside.

13.) Recycling is important here.

14.) It is rude to hand cashiers money; you must put it in a little tray.

15.) Public transportation is on time!

16.) Convenience stores and vending machines are every where.

17.) People are very concerned about the health of their skin; so people use umbrellas when it’s sunny, hats, and arm gloves.

18.) People are very concerned with your behavior, so talking on public transportation is very rude and people will look at you in a negative way.

19.) Everything is tiny, even stairs here are so tiny that my foot is too big for the steps.

20.) Students all have uniforms.

21.) Milk is kind of sweeter and creamier.

22.) Ice cream every where!

23.) People seem to really like American music here.

24.) Street food is commonly found.

25.) Clothes sizes are very small. I’m usually a small or extra small and I can barely fit in a medium.

26.) Matcha green tea flavored stuff is every where.

27.) People seem to really like to drink after work while still wearing suits.

28.) Speaking of suits, it’s pretty common for people to ride motorcycles in suits,.,

29.) Smoking is more acceptable here and there’s smoking areas everywhere and no smoking signs in bathrooms.

30.) It’s strange to eat and walk at the same time.

Now off to bed for Tokyo tomorrow morning!

Till next time!