Day 5: Ramen!





Felt like I needed to write another blog entry before I head to Osaka with my professor and classmates!

I woke up later than usual this morning and I didn’t start feeling hungry until around 2pm. So I ventured to a ramen shop that was fairly close by. I did a scenic 17 minute walk to the shop in the rain by myself. It was a little intimidating going out by myself in a place I don’t know. I felt like a major tourist with my google maps open on my phone, and looking all over the place to figure out where I have to turn.

When I eventually made it to the ramen shop, I noticed it was a really small “hole in the wall” kind of place. It was really interesting.

When I first entered the shop, there’s a little vending machine to order your food. It works exactly like a normal vending machine, except after you pay a little ticket comes out and the chef comes and takes it. You’re seated and the chef directly hands you your ramen! I couldn’t read the vending machine text so I picked something at random. I ended up picking a pork ramen!

It was honestly the best ramen I have ever tasted, and next time I go I will be bringing some other fellow students with me!

Once I was done, I left and took another really relaxing walk back to my home and purchased souvenirs on my way back.

Now I’ll be on my way soon to the train station to go meet my class!

Until next time!