Day 9: Fushimi Inari-taishaShrine + Cat Cafe





I was super excited to go to Fushimi Shrine today because I’ve seen so many photos of it that I just had to go. Thankfully, my program was offering an optional tour of the shrine, so I went.

We took a short train ride to get there, and once we made it… I started to kind of have some regrets. I was already sweating so much because the sun was so strong today. However, I knew that it would be worth it, so we made our way through the temple and I took a lot of great photos.

So a little bit about this shrine; Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine belongs to the rice God, Inari. Many merchants worship Inari because they see him as the business God, since rice was traditionally used to show wealth, and was also used as a form of payment. Today, many companies donate to the shrine.

So hiking up this shrine, despite the beautiful views, was taking quite a toll on me due to the intense heat. I sadly had to stop halfway and make my way back down the mountain because it was just too much. Least I got to experience half of the shrine though, and I was able to take in one great view.

Since the shrine beat me, I decided to wait with a small group of people for the rest of our group that decided to go to the top. Only two made it to the top! So once we all united, we all headed our own ways.

Before going to the train station, me and two of my friends stopped at a cat cafe to take a break and to pet some cats!

This is Bob, the manager.

This is the kind of manager I want to meet!

Anway, the cafe was a lot of fun and was quite relaxing. I’m not really a cat person and prefer dogs, but I really liked all the cats at this cafe!

After the cafe, we took a short walk to the train station to go home.

Upon arriving home, we all disbanded and went straight to go take a cool shower.

I’ll probably relax for the rest of the afternoon  and then go outside tonight to get dinner!

Till next time!