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Hector Santiago


Brookdale Community College

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Japan (Fall)

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Hector was an FEA Scholar in the fall of 2012. He studied abroad in Japan, going back to Japan to take part on the JET program after graduating from Brookdale Community College, and later going on to earn his MA in International Education at SIT. He currently works as a study abroad advisor at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey and runs his own business.

(From 2012)

Hello. こんにちは。My name is Hector Santiago. 僕の 名前は、ヘクター サンティアーゴです。I am a 23 years old and am a student at Brookdale Community College and Kean University. I come from a low-income family and have yet to experience life outside of New Jersey. I have travelled to Florida before because my best friend lives there, but otherwise have not been out of New Jersey much. It would be a great experience to go to Japan and study a culture that interests me so much. No one in my family has ever travelled outside of the country either so it would be a chance to help move my family forward.
I will be studying in Tokyo, Japan at KCP International Japanese Language School from October until December. During my time in Japan, I will be studying Japanese language and culture as outline in the course description of KCP’s program. I have heard that KCP has a community service club that I would like to be involved with. In addition, I will be video recording my experience and making a video to show other students upon my return from Japan. I’m looking forward to every aspect of this trip. It is all new to me and I am very anxious to go.
When I wrote my first letter to FEA for this scholarship, I was still having trouble deciding my major and how this study abroad would be relevant to it. However, over the last few weeks, I’ve decided, with great excitement, that I will pursue my B.A. degree in Asian Studies. What better way to study Asian history and culture than to be there? With the experience I get from this program, I would like to, if at all possible, start a Japanese program at Kean University when I graduate because there is none as of yet. This is why I am studying abroad through Brookdale Community College. My other interests include music, racquetball, and Goju Karate.


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