Global Kitchen


How many times have you eaten Chinese food, Japanese food, Italian food? How many times have you thought about the ingredients in the food? How many times have you thought about how some of those ingredients were made and how else they’re used? Today, I participated in an event called the Global Kitchen. It was the first of a series of lectures at Kean University that are meant to spread cultural awareness by means of something that many people have in common; food.

I, of course, participated as the representative of Japanese food. I presented information about the uses and health benefits of Miso paste. I think the event was very successful and the people who cared to ask questions actually learned something. Most people didn’t know that miso was a paste, or that it can be used as a marinade.

We also had presentations from Dr. Ferst from the International Education Department and Dr. Gupta-Casale. They spoke about the history of spices, which was the theme of this lecture, and the importance of them.

As for food stations, we also had representatives from countries like Egypt, Turkey, Portugal, South Korea,and India.

I have posted some pictures from the events so take a look.