It is 6:15AM, I am horribly jet-lagged, and my body hates me for being awake right now. However, I wanted to put this time to good use by getting online and wishing the happiest of holidays to my readers, the my friends overseas, to FEA, to my close friends at home, and to my family.

To make this unnecessarily long story shorter, I was supposed to return to the states on January 3rd. For the sake of remaining consistent and keeping my intentions a deep secret, I mentioned that in some of my blogs. However, my true plan was to surprise my family for Xmas, and surprised they were. My grandma literally started crying when I walked through the door. My nephews were really surprised, also.

You know, one goal of mine for going abroad was to make people miss me. I do so much for everyone all the time that after a while, people just get used to it and I feel they start to just expect those things without appreciating the value of the gestures themselves. That really hurt me. Being away for such a long period of time, I think my family and friends were forced to rely less on me and more on themselves. After the reactions I got last night when I came home, I think more people better understand and appreciate the things I do for them. I never ask for anything in return, only to be appreciated. Now, I have that and although it may very well go away again, I know that they know. It was very heart-breaking to leave Japan, especially after being there for 3 months and becoming so comfortable there. Yet, being home now, I’m with the people who love me and I gave them the best gift I could have. ME!

I know 2013 will be a very busy year for me. I can practically see the workload unfolding before my eyes. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of getting a head start on my work for the coming year. I have a new apartment, I’ll be returning to work and school, I have tons of presentations to give, international conferences to go to, and about a million other things. This is just the beginning for me. By the end of the year, I’ll be graduating and will have taken another step forward towards my goal of entering the International Education field. I know the road ahead of me will be difficult and trying, but I am not here because of the path that lies before me. I am here because of the path that lies behind me. I will walk the paths, climb the hills, and crawl across the finish line, but I will reach the finish line and my goal. And then what? Then I make a new goal and begin a new journey.

I will continue to post blogs about my upcoming events.

I wish you all Happy Holidays!