Cans of Air…Get’em While They’re Fresh!


I found this article about a month ago and found it very interesting. I’ve been following the issue of pollution in China for over 3 years now and when I read this article, I was amused…and very sad at the same time.

According to the article, due to the worsening pollution in China, a multibillionaire and well-known political activist named Chen Guangbiao decided to really spread awareness of the problem by selling cans of “fresh air”.

The move was not for financial gain, but to send a message about the declining environmental condition in China.

Reading this makes me very unhappy. I don’t have much firsthand experience abuot China. I’ve never been there. I hear people say how beautiful it is and then I see these pictures and hear people talking of how polluted and unclean it is. I plan on going to China this summer and I don’t know what to expect. There are a lot of environmental issues holding China back from being the prosperous nation it could be. It could be because of its political system, or maybe other reasons. I don’t know. But I do know this…If China does not fix itself, it will not remain a world leader for very long.

Here is a link to the original article: