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Japan (Fall) | *PDXAbroad Scholarship

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*PDXAbroad Scholarship

こんにちは! (Konnichiwa!) Hello! My name is Emily Doyle and I am from Portland, Oregon located in the beautiful northwest. I am currently attending Portland State University majoring in Japanese Language, and working on my TESL Certificate to teach English as a second language. I am 34 years old and a returning college student. This recent switch from full time job status to full time student status has been a very challenging life change for me. However, it has been equally rewarding with my own personal development and meeting so many new wonderful people. In my free time I love to be outdoors and take advantage of my surroundings. I am a foodie and love to experiment with recipes and try all kinds of new food. I also have a passion for exercising and I lead online motivational groups to encourage others to eat healthy and exercise. My passion for exercising stems from my love of Martial Arts that was passed on by my father to me at an early age. My father studied and taught Martial Arts for many years, and he is one of my major influences fueling my desire to study other cultures.
This September I will be studying abroad at Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies in Nagasaki, Japan for about 6 months. Studying in Nagasaki will allow me to immerse myself in Japanese culture, and improve my speaking abilities immensely which I could never replicate in my studies in Portland. This experience will be a once in a life time chance to learn about Nagasaki’s rich and tragic history in person. I am extremely excited to learn in a new country and meet new people as well as sharing my journey along the way.


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