My dorm and views from the dorm and University






So I realize I haven’t posted pictures of my dorm and the views around the dorm. Seriously it is beautiful! Except every day I have to literally hike up a mountain to get from the dorm at the bottom to the University at the top of the mountain. You’d think I’d be loosing weight, but no all the bread here has probably counteracted these efforts. I just love the area though and I am super happy that I picked Nagasaki. The only thing outside thats not fun to look at is the GIANT spiders that are seriously the size of my hand near the trees and powerlines and really just everywhere. They are poisonous I guess but they seem to just stay up high and mind their own business. But they are creepy and brightly colored yellows and black. Stuff that would turn up in your nightmares, which I can only imagine why now there are a lot of yokai stories involving these spiders. They are scary. Anyway, here is my dorm:

dormThen right across from the dorm.


Then some views from the walk up the mountain:



And here is a far off shot of the mountain and my University sits right on top. You can make out the white building on top.


And a view from the top of the mountain when I’m at the University.


It’s so pretty!

Also, here is my room in the dorm.